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Spotify Lite celebrates one year of operation: Simple, compact, bringing music to the world

Today, Spotify celebrates the first anniversary of the compact version of Spotify Lite officially in operation. Building on feedback received from users around the world, this app has enabled millions of listeners in bandwidth-restricted areas and phone memory to enjoy sound. music and podcasts wherever you are.
During the 12 months since its launch, listeners around the world have enjoyed and discovered thousands of new artists and podcasts, and can control data and storage capacity with ease - Spotify Lite Only 10MB of storage space was taken up when the beta was released last year.

Now, Spotify brings more content that is loved by listeners with an additional 15% reduction in the download size of the Spotify Lite app. This has helped save more phone space while still delivering over 60 million tracks and 1.5 million podcasts regardless of network connection, mobile data or phone model - which makes the application a breeze. should be ideal for older devices and operating systems.

Here are some prominent trends on Spotify Lite:

As of July 2019, we've noticed that listeners in Brazil have used Spotify Lite the most out of 37 markets. This is followed by Mexico, India, Indonesia and Argentina.
Spotify Lite users, despite coming from many different parts of the world, share some interesting music listening characteristics. Mondays and Sundays are the most streamed days and noon is considered the most popular time to listen to music and podcasts.
Indonesia really had a great year with podcasts with PODKESMAS, Rintik Sedu, Do You See What I See and Kajian Hanan Attaki all in the Global Top 5 most streamed podcasts.
Listeners in Vietnam are very fond of book podcasts, with 3 out of the Top 5 most online podcasts in the country belong to this category, which is Story listening - Hathaya Audio, Read books for you, Talking Book Store.

The most listened songs in Vietnam
1. "Señorita" - Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes
2. "Give it to me" - Snoop Dogg, Son Tung M-TP
3. "Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey)" - BTS, Halsey
4. “7 rings” - Ariana Grande
5. "bad guy" - Billie Eilish

The most listened to podcasts in Vietnam
1. Business Confidence
2. Lying listening to reading stories - Hathaya Audio
3. TED Talks Daily
4. Read books for you
5. Audio Book Store

The most heard songs in the world
1. "Señorita" - Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes
2. "Dance Monkey" - Tones And I
3. "Tusa" - KAROL G, Nicki Minaj
4. “China” - Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee, J Balvin, KAROL G, Ozuna
5. “LA CANCER” - Bad Bunny, J Balvin

The most listened to podcasts in the world
2. Rintik Sedu
3. Do You See What I See?
4. NerdCast
5. Kajian Hanan Attaki

The Spotify Lite app can be downloaded separately from the main Spotify app, and is available to both Free and Spotify Premium users. Spotify Lite can be used side-by-side or independently with the main Spotify app on all Android phones running 4.3 and above.

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